You may have come across one of those viral workout videos that show overweight people shedding almost half their weight in a couple months and thought, what the hell? Most gym rats dismiss them as fake but the truth is it is possible to lose that much weight in such a short time. You just need to tweak a few things.

First of all, finding time regularly to work out means you’re already on the right track. Not everyone has enough blood, sweat and tears to leave at the gym. To improve the impact of your workouts, consider the following;

1. Your Diet
The food you eat, and the timing has an impact on your body. You don’t want to see your three-hour workout go down the drain just because you couldn’t resist that juicy burger on your way home from the gym. Know the right food to eat before and after a workout and the recommended quantities.

2. Know when to hit the brakes
Working out more does not necessarily mean you will get results faster. Every gym routine should be well structured so that there is variety to give you a well-rounded workout and enough time for your body to rest.

3. Know your jams
Everybody has that song that gets them in the perfect mood for exercise. Fitness experts agree that listening to their favorite songs helps make working out less boring and boosts morale.

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