Celebrities live in a world where weight is an obsession. Nonetheless, the weight menace has no spared celebrities. It is unsurprising to see celebrities immensely gain weight, some willingly, some unwillingly. Often such, weight gains put celebrities into the spotlight of the ever-critiquing audiences. This notwithstanding, a number of celebrities have in the past and presently recorded visible weight gains, albeit while still playing leading celebrity roles. More often than not, stigma associated with celebrity weight gains are a product of society stereotype, more especially for women celebrity that in the minds of many, has been typically associated with slimness. As a matter of fact, slimness, has increasingly been associated with beauty yet this is rather just a stereotype than a reality. Many celebrities have gained weight but still went ahead to successfully play lead roles in their respective areas of engagement. As a matter of fact, celebrity weight gain often has little or no impact at all on their careers, save for sportsmen whose weight affect their ability to play.


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