We all know Katy Perry for her cool vibe, harmonic voice, and stunning figure. But while many teenage girls harbor the dream of being like Katy Perry one day, it is highly unlikely that any of them fancy her favorite food. Young people are known for cramming almost everything that is bad for their bodies down their throats with their favorites ranging from anything chipotle, pizza, Mexican food to burgers.

We expect the well up in the society love food like steak and cuisine from high-end restaurants. Katy Perry, on the other hand, admits to being obsessed with mushrooms. You may consider this a somewhat strange craving for a superstar singer like Katy, but for her, mushrooms are healthy and good for the body and she hardly ever gets enough of them.

And while we continue to go for unhealthy and junky fast foods, Katy follows a five-factor diet, eating five meals a day, which consists a balanced diet of healthy foods.
Though she is a huge snacks fan, you won’t find Katy with a bag of Cheetos or a jar of peanut butter. Instead, she prefers to keep it healthy and opts for something like a quesadilla with low-fat cheese, turkey, and black beans.
But mushrooms remain her most favorite food.

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