Are You Absolutely or Relatively Healthy?

Researchers at Rice University have tried to define the parameters for measuring Health. They conclude that Health is measured in terms of:

The Rice University Researchers have tried to define the parameters for analyzing health. They came to a conclusion that health is measured in terms of the following aspects:

1.  The absence of physical disability, physical pain, or any condition that is likely to cause death.

2.  Emotional well-being

3.  Satisfying social functioning

However, they admit that there is barely no single standard accessible by an observer that can be used to measure any individual or groups health status. This results to a conclusion that “Health” accessed in this manner is relative and subjective whereas what we really want to know is:

Am I really Healthy when objectively measured but not subjectively assumed by a relative comparison with others. We hardly compare our disfigurement or pain with other diseases such as cancer and arthritis. In contrary, we visualize and struggle to appear young and slim just like the celebs on magazine covers. These desires are the origin of an ever-growing beauty as well as an anti-aging industry even with the absence of objective standards.

The exact point is that if we are barely unable to define Health but just Ill-health, then we will never look like that idol irrespective of whatever matter. This is simply because if we are measuring our Health by its weaning, then we will wait and act when we can clearly define the symptoms thereby depriving ourselves from gaining and maintaining the utmost Vitality in conjunction with stunning Appearance.

If we manage to establish a worldwide valid definition for absolute Health, then we can actually start to research the right definition of real Health-care which simply implies to caring for the preservation or the revival of the benchmark Health.

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