Biggest Fitness Trends in 2017

Every year has its big fitness trends, 2017 is not an exception. There are certain fitness practices that became quite a hit in the year 2017. One of them is the use of wearable technology during fitness routines. Wearable technology helps people track their fitness performance in order to make improvements.

Another fitness trend of 2017 is high-intensity interval training(HIIT) As the name connotes, HIIT is a short but powerful exercise routine that is capable of helping a person burn excess fat. Body Weight Training is another fitness trend of 2017. Body Weight Training is a no-equipment workout that is incredibly easy to learn. Moreover, Body Weight Training can be modified to suit any ability level depending on the capacity of the person involved. Body Weight Training has become quite popular because it can be done anywhere.
Strength training is another fitness trend of 2017. Strength training involves high level fitness routines which is targeted at improving the overall strength of a person.

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