Celeb Weight Transformations That Left Us Speechless

Hilary Duff – Lost 40 Pounds

In 2000 when Duff was cast as the star on the new Disney Channel show Lizzie McGuire. After gaining her fame from the show, she stepped out of the spotlight for a while when it ended, and got married and has a kid. She was always concerned about her weight and was careful to not gain any pounds. She also admitted that her body self confidence was not healthy, and that she was obsessed with being skinny. Her lack of eating eventually brought her health problems, but that state of mind would eventually go away when she got pregnant and put some weight on. She was able to eat whatever she want and finally didn’t feel guilty about it. After having her baby, she wanted to drop some weight to get back into her acting career. She has since lost all of her baby weight, but she isn’t in that state of mind she had when she was a teen of constantly needing to lose more weight, and suffering because of that.

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