This is why Chelsea Beat Manchester United on November 5

There are two reasons responsible for Manchester United’s loss to Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on November 5. The first is that Chelsea is a better and stronger team. The second is that they deserved to win. The return of Chelsea midfielder, N’Golo Kante was vital to the outcome of the match. He ensured that his team had dominance of the center pitch. Kante’s impact in the match was felt in several ways. He was the only Chelsea player during the match to win possession eleven times. This ensured that Chelsea had the solid type of defensive layer they needed to win a match of such caliber.This defensive layer helped ensure that Manchester United players couldn’t get through to ace striker, Romelu Lukaku.

The decision of Chelsea coach, Antonio Conte to play Cesc Fabregas as a creative midfielder was also very vital to the success of the team. The midfielder did not disappoint his coach and team as he was the key creative figure that created chances for Chelsea during the match. Moreover, Chelsea all through the game showed the kind of flair, confidence and expertise needed to win a match of that caliber. They totally deserved to win against a lackluster Manchester United side.
The match which ended 1-0 was settled by Alvaro Morata’s towering header. Although he wasted a number of chances, his header ensured that Chelsea went home with the entire three points. Morata who was very uninspiring during the first half of the match compensated for his first half poor performance with a goal in the second half. Once the final whistle went off, Chelsea coach, Antonio Conte, ran into the pitch bumping chests and clenching fists with his players.
There was however one incident that got the attention of everybody, after the match, Conte refused to shake hands with Manchester United Coach, Jose Mourinho.

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