What Every Bodybuilder Needs To Know About Running

Many athletes act like running and bodybuilding are exclusive forms of exercise. Do one, and not only is it unlikely that you do the other, but it may be downright impossible, and impede your gains for either activity.. You’ll run away your gains, one side will tell you. The other side will swear that a muscular man on the road is like a fish out of water—and he’ll be gasping just like one in a matter of minutes.

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Lesson 1: Muscle Doesn’t Melt Away!

Sure, if somebody does nothing but high-volume endurance running, neglects weight training, and follows a low-protein diet, it will cause muscle loss.  But as long as you are getting you proper protein requirements, and doing weight lifting consistently, your gains should be safe.

Lesson 2: Running Is Great For Gym Performance

Running can actually help your lifting gains! Endurance can really decrease the amount of time need for rest periods between sets. It also helps in recovery during off days, as your heart can pump more blood to damaged muscles to get it the nutrients they need to recover.

Lesson 3: Running Is Healthy

Endurance running has imparted demonstrable health benefits to my heart, lungs, blood pressure, cholesterol, and even gut function. As someone who believes that health should always be the number-one priority, this got my attention.

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