Find Out How Johnny a Homeless Ex Fire-Fighter Turned His Last $20 Into Over $335,000!

When homeless and flat broke Johnny Bobbitt Jnr went to the aid of a vulnerable woman stranded at the side of the road on her way to Philadelphia he started a chain reaction of giving that has already generated over $335,000.

Kate McClure who had run out of fuel and had no money on her couldn’t believe her good fortune when her gallant knight walked to the nearest gas station and put up his last $20.00 to get her back on the road. Kate was back to find her hero a couple of weeks later when she returned the favour with food, supplies, and of course the $20.

The upshot is that since the media including CNN and other nationals have picked up on the story it has gone viral inspiring readers to “pay it forward” especially during this holiday season. The encounter inspired Kate to want to do more to help Johnny and others like him and that is exactly what she has done. Following her initial aim to raise, donations totalling $10,000 the “Go Fund Me” page she set up has far exceeded her expectations and already stands at over $335,000.

Johnny won’t ever have to worry about being homeless again because thanks to the generosity of those moved by this story he is soon to become a homeowner. Trusts are also being set up to help others in similar situations and to provide Johnny with a small yearly salary whilst he gets his life back on track.

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