Fitness Training

Fitness training is a type of training undertaken to improve or maintain body fitness. There are five main types of fitness training.
1. Aerobic Training.
Aerobic training is aimed at improving the sports performance. This training strengthens the cardiovascular system by increasing heartbeat and breathing rate. They include running, jogging, fast walking, stair steppers, and swimming.

2. Circuit Training.
Circuit training refers to endurance training of high intensity. It is a combination of aerobic training and strength training. This training is mainly to break the monotony of usual training routines.

3. Dynamic Strength Training.
In dynamic training recurrent and substantial body movements predominates. In this case, there are continuous and sustained movements of some body parts. Dynamic training includes ridding of bicycles and running.

4. Flexibility Training.
Flexibility training refers to stretching exercises aimed at increasing the range and ability of the joints to move freely. Flexibility training is aimed at improving posture and breathing.

5. Static Strength Training.
It is also called isometrics. It involves lifting of weights up to a certain height and holding the weight in a certain position by not changing the angle of the joints and muscle length for some minutes. These exercises are aimed at increasing general body strength.

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