An Intervention From a Friend Prompted Her to Lose Her Fatal Weight

From a tender age, Sweta Srivastava had always wished to be part of a sports team, but her weight made sure this wouldn’t happen. Thanks to her habit of indulging in late night snacks as a teen, she had gained 200 pounds by the time she was in high school. She kept on adding more pounds through college until a friend who was taking medicine cautioned her of the health complications she was exposing herself to. From diabetes to heart disease, and worst of it all death. This was the turning point for her. She began to eat less and healthy through the day to avoid her late night snack urge. She also enrolled in spinning and kickboxing classes that helped her to lose an impressive 50 pounds. Thanks to a friend, she fell in love with martial arts in the form of Muay Thai that saw her shed a further 20 pounds. After getting a personal trainer, she was able to reach her target of losing 95 pounds in seven months. Thanks to her friends, she felt comfortable in her first pair of jeans, something she couldn’t have managed back then.

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