Jennifer Hudson Shares Weight Loss Secret

Jennifer Hudson has shared her secret of losing 80 pounds of weight and maintaining a slim figure. The singer disclosed on a U.K show that an healthy diet is her formula for weight loss. She disclosed that although she is not keen on exercises, she is very particular about what she eats.

Jennifer Hudson also stressed the importance of eating healthy portions only. She is of the opinion that a person who wants to lose weight must keep unhealthy meals out of sight, according to her, that is the only way to avoid the temptation of eating unhealthy meals that could contribute to weight gain.
Jennifer Hudson also disclosed that she plays basketball as a form of exercise as she is not interested in workout routines. She is of the opinion that playing basketball keeps her metabolism going up and helps her burn body fat and maintain a slim figure. Hudson disclosed that chocolate is like a cigarette to her which she uses to suppress hunger rather than eat excessively.

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