Make Running Fun Again!

You’ve probably taken to running as your preferred form of cardio but sometimes you hate how tedious it all is. Don’t worry we’ve got five sure ways to ensure that you have a blast while sweating off that extra weight.

1. Play some music.
There’s no better way to make your daily run exciting than adding some of your favorite music tour routine. Make sure the music is up tempo and fun so that you can run along to the beats and groove, sad or slow tunes might ruin your exercise regimen.

2. Run with a friend or two.
Your best bud has been complaining about all that extra weight she put on at Christmas why not get her to run along with you. It could be the fun new activity you’ve both been craving to spend some time together. This is also a great way for couples to bond and we all know how sexy exercise is, this is how you spice up your love life.

3. Change-up your route.
Have you been running on the same trail for too long? Maybe that’s the reason you struggle to get out of bed early in the morning. You can add some excitement by changing up your route and taking a new path tomorrow.

4. A little more Intensity.
All exercises eventually lose their effectiveness after a few regimens, this is because the body gets used and your progress curve plateaus. Why not shake things up and add a little more fun by running faster than usual or mixing up sprints with your jog? Don’t be afraid to burst into a sprint every 200 meters or so.

5. Join a running group.
If you’re friends are lazy bums who can’t spare an hour to sweat it out then forget about them. There must a few active running groups in your local area who would love a new member. Check online or ask around the gym if don’t know any.

Get Up, Get Fit, Get Motivated!