You Need To know Why Michelle Obama Is Now Fitter Than Ever

If you are looking for that all important inspiration to get fit and stay looking good you won’t have to look any further than the ex-first lady herself. It is no secret that Michelle Obama led the way to fitness whilst she was in the White House and the great news is that she didn’t leave it there.

America’s former leading lady has recently opened up and given her followers the inside track on her highly successful celebrity fitness regime. She has now disclosed that she took responsibility for hosting regular �boot camp’ weekends to which she invited her lucky girlfriends. Super fit Michelle was quick however, to point out that her methods work for all ability levels.

She also released several high-quality photographs of groups of her friends working out outdoors at one of her events on Instagram recently. She points out that taking care of ourselves first is vitally important if we want to in turn be in a good place to take care of those that we care about.

Michelle said that she is no stranger to the celebrity fitness arena having pioneered the public fitness initiative �Let’s Move’ which aims to reduce the country’s rising problem of childhood obesity while at the same time encouraging youngsters to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Mrs Obama admitted that when she was younger she could eat whatever she wanted so long as she exercised correctly but these days her eating habits also play a major role in maintaining her desired weight.

Get Up, Get Fit, Get Motivated!