Signs That You Are Losing Weight Too Fast

It feels very good to step on a scale and see your weight decreasing especially when you have tried so hard to shed off extra weight. While weight lose is good for you, don’t be clouded with the idea that you ignore the signs when you start losing too much weight. Remember just because your pounds are decreasing does not mean that you are doing it the healthier way. Here are some indicators that you have gone beyond your diet.

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Lack of energy for normal tasks
When you suddenly start feeling dizzy and weak to complete normal daily activities like household chores and walking up the stairs that you used to do with so much ease, this might be an indication that you are not getting the required amount of calories. In addition, if your face becomes thin or bony it is a clear sign you have lost too much weight.

Just like an alcoholic you cannot stop drinking overnight, dieters who aim to lose weight fast end up suffering from insomnia. Trying too hard eventually causes stress which result to insomnia. Aim at eating healthy and maintaining your ideal body weight.

Excessive weight loss can cause fainting. The heart struggles to pump blood to the vital body organs because of lack of energy. If you occasionally feel you need to reach out for an energy drink to keep your body going, it is a sign you lack the necessary nutrients from healthy foods.

Lack of motivation
Any changes made during weight lose should be positive. Changing your eating patterns is a sign you care for your wellbeing. However, when you lose excessive weight you begin to lack motivation to enjoy life because of physical and mental breakdown. Going out with friends suddenly begins to feel like a chore.

Rapid hair loss
Too much weight loss can make you lose excess water resulting in hair loss. When you are in the shower, you suddenly notice strands of hair falling off. Watch whatever you are or aren’t eating as it can affect your hair too. Your diet should contain protein, iron, zinc and niacin to prevent thinning of hair.

Feeling moody
You body needs the right nutrients to function normally. Foods that contain amino acids help in production of neurotransmitters. The brain does not function well in absence of amino acids. You begin to feel angry, depressed and easily irritable. While it is normal for your body to lose natural insulation when losing weight, if suddenly you become too cold it means your metabolism is dropping due to low calorie intake.

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