Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing at Every meal to Prevent Bloat

Is there a time after having a great meal and when you are ready to relax, your stomach suddenly feels bigger than normal and suddenly you start experiencing gas and belching? These are signs of bloating. Despite the fact that there are other conditions that can result into bloating like heart or liver disease, it is an occurrence which can be fixed by changing your eating patterns. In case you experience bloating on a regular basis, worry not as the guidelines discussed below will offer a solution to your problem.

Eat small portions of food frequently

Bloating occurs when you consume large portions of food. You can have five to six meals in a day instead of the normal three meals in a day. Make sure you consume food with the right nutrients, calories and the right quantity. Avoid fatty foods as the body takes longer to process them, this is the reason why your stomach feels bigger than usual after a large fattening meal. With fats being processed differently, digestion is different between saturated and unsaturated fats. In addition, you can cut down your consumption of processed, fried and refined foods to improve your health and aid digestion. Eating fast can lead to gas retention so if you are already used to eating fast learn how to eat slowly. You can try the military diet as its content is formulated with the right metabolism boosting foods.

Know which foods trigger bloating

Bloating causes a lot of physical discomfort. You need to be aware of foods that you eat and later cause that gassy feeling. Fiber foods like beans, legumes and whole grains are healthy, but the high fiber content causes bloating in some people. For example, if you are not used to eating beans or vegetables like broccoli you can start by introducing them slowly into your diet, with time your body will adapt. Introducing large quantities can cause bloating. In addition, limit your intake of carbonated drinks; they are the leading cause of bloating due to buildup of carbon dioxide gas in the body. Majority of people know that eating a lot of salt can cause health complications like blood pressure, however they are not aware that high intake of salt causes retention of water resulting in bloating.

Exercise regularly

Along with dietary changes, there are many benefits that come from exercise, your overall health gets to improve and the gas that builds up can be eliminated. Lack of regular exercise can cause constipation which result in bloating. . Studies show that ginger, pineapple, parsley and yoghurt have probiotics which assist to ease bloating. In addition to this, you can consult with a registered dietician if you need help to find the right foods that can help reduce bloating. You can also decide to follow the military diet as it is formulated around meals that must be followed strictly. While military diet reduces bloating it is also an added advantage in case you plan to shed a few pounds.

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