Trying to Lose Weight By Taking Diet Pills Led to Diet Pill Addiction and Worse!

Diet pills give the promise of helping anyone lose weight in a smaller amount of time. With this, more and more individuals across the world have become tempted to trying diet pills especially if they cannot get rid of stubborn fats.

However, this diet fad has resulted to some serious problems when users report that they have become addicted to taking them. Given how easy one can buy diet pills anywhere—from groceries to online stores—individuals tend to skip consulting their doctors before taking these pills.

Most diet pills have the principle of suppressing you from eating by sending signals to your brain that you are not hungry. So instead of normally eating at the hour that you are used to having your meals, you won’t feel hungry and would therefore not eat anything.

While some diet pill users swear by the positive effect of taking these every day, some experienced negative repercussions. A woman in United States was able to lose 75 pounds by taking up to six diet pills a day but suffered with palpitations, jitteriness, sleeplessness, and anxiety. What’s worse, even though this woman is already aware of these side effects, she still continuously took the pills for fear of getting fat again.

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Another man in UK experienced a horrendous experience when he took eight diet pills and ended up losing muscle. His body temperature rose up to 170 degrees and had to be rushed to the hospital. Doctors had to cut up a part of his leg and placed him into an induced coma.

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