Weight Loss

Weight loss refers to the reduction of the total body mass. Weight loss can be either voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary weight loss is when a person involves himself or herself in activities that increases the metabolism rate of the body. Involuntary weight loss is mainly caused by severe illness and starvation. Voluntary weight loss can be as a result of regular exercises, dieting and also by taking weight reducing pills such as Hydroxycut, Meratrim, Caffeine, and Glucomannan. Regular exercise refers to leisure activities such as walking, swimming, playing football, running, riding a bicycle, skipping a rope and many more simple activities. Dieting refers to the type of food we take. To reduce weight you should take foods with low calorie, low carbohydrates and also low fats. Your doctor can also prescribe you to take some pills. These Pills increases the metabolism rate of the body resulting in a weight loss. The photo below shows the body size before and after weight loss.

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